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High order fulfillment requires cooperation with the best transport entities on the domestic market. In order to provide its recipients with timely deliveries of appropriate quality, Hermes cooperates with leaders in the transport industry such as RABEN, HELLMANN, OMIDA, PEKAES and ROHLIG SUUS. Guaranteeing the realization of deliveries requires trusted and partner relations with subcontractors from the transport sector.

Most orders are distributed directly from Włoszakowice where the main warehouse of finished products is located. The professional approach of qualified employees and the appropriate organization enable efficient loading of trucks transporting goods to the warehouses of regional recipients located throughout the country. The developed long-term standards and activities guarantee adequate capacity and use of available loading ramps as well as the rotation of goods in the finished goods warehouse.

In addition, in the summer season characterized by increased demand for manufactured products, the company is able to meet any challenge and supply the most demanding customers.

Distribution of goods to customers is also distinguished by a high response to the current needs of customers while maintaining appropriate flexibility of deliveries. The use of actions based on the Lean Management strategy allows Hermes to deliver goods within several hours of calling orders by its customers, while maintaining all the required logistics and quality standards. This is an undoubted advantage that distinguishes Hermes from the competition.

All of the above activities put Hermes as a leader in the beverage industry, guaranteeing reliability and full professionalism in the full range of cooperation with its customers.

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