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Every year Hermes is certified for compliance with the BRC standard. The audit is carried out by an external unit of TUV NORD. In addition, as a business partner for retail chains, we are subject to customer audits.

We obtain the highest level of results and the company is distinguished, among others, for low level of complaints and investments in infrastructure.

The highest quality emblem

Since 2013, we have been awarded the title of Laureate and the Silver Emblem of the Highest Quality - Quality International in the National Program of the Highest Quality, Quality International, which is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Regional Development, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Polish ISO 9000 Forum in the following categories:

  • QI ORDER - top quality management,
  • QI PRODUCT - the highest quality product: carbonated and non-carbonated Amita spring water

For 2015, we received the title of Laureate and the Golden Emblem in the category:

  • QI Produkt – for the highest product quality: Natural mineral water HERMES, sparkling and still

Factory of the Year

It is a great success that we have won the "Factory of the Year" award in the FMCG category.

Forbes monthly Diamonds

Forbes Diamonds is a ranking of the most dynamic Polish companies.

In 2014 and 2015, we received the Forbes monthly award - FORBES DIAMONDS

Business gazelles

Business Gazelles Ranking - is a ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized enterprises.

We have been awarded since 2003. The first edition of the Business Gazelles ranking took place in 2000. Gazelle is a small or medium-sized company which, thanks to its extremely dynamic development, can cope well with even much larger competitors.

The author of the ranking is the Coface Poland business intelligence agency, which is responsible for verifying the financial data of the submitted companies.

We publish our ranking in the form of a special edition of over two hundred pages, which is attached to the December issue of "Business Pulse". In addition, on a special website there is a full database of Business Gazelles, i.e. all companies that were on our ranking lists, starting with 2000.

After the ranking is announced, from December to March, "Business Pulse" organizes special ceremonies in 12 Polish cities, during which, in the presence of regional authorities, we present the winners of the ranking with statuettes and commemorative diplomas. It is also an opportunity to meet the best managers and expand their knowledge.

Business Gazelles rankings are prepared every year by economic dailies belonging to the Swedish Bonnier Press Group. Apart from "Business Pulse", such lists are compiled by its sister dailies from Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Latvia, Russia, Estonia and Slovenia. The selection criteria for Gazelles are adapted to local economic conditions in individual countries, but the goal is the same everywhere: promoting small and medium-sized enterprises.

Best product of 2014

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